Fact Sheet

  • Solely-owned venture of NetBlazon LLC, founded in 1999
  • Headquartered in Merritt Island, Florida
  • Offers an easy way for retailers to submit products to comparison shopping engines, marketplaces, and affiliate programs
  • No contract or commitment required
  • Support for companies ranging from small businesses to corporate ventures
  • Pricing starts at $29/month

About FeedExact

FeedExact grew out of a standalone add-on that we originally produced for a single shopping cart, that gave retailers the ability to define product feeds for any shopping engine (or any other purpose). Along the way, we discovered that many customers needed more automated assistance with individual engines. That's when we created FeedExact, which could ingest a single product data feed from a store, and format and distribute it to the major comparison shopping engines and other channels across the web.

Additionally, we wanted to give our customers insight into their statistics, with reports that help you determine which channels produce with highest return on investment, and that also help you weed out underperforming products or channels. This insight helps you save cost-per-click dollars, and can cover the cost of using FeedExact many times over.

FeedExact consists of a small add-on, extension, or module that you plug into your shopping cart software. Our servers can then communicate with your store and pull back a formatted feed of your product data, such as product names, descriptions, brands, and prices. We transform this data into product feeds that meet each individual engine's requirements. As such, the effort needed on your part is minimal; the majority of the work is performed on our servers on an automated basis.